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Held out of Kalispell, MT June 20th - 23rd 2021
Day 1 Kalispell to Libby 76miles, Libby to Eureka 64miles, Eureka to Whitefish 43miles.
Day 2 Kalispell to Libby 76miles, Libby to Road Work 16miles, Noxon to Plains 59miles, Plains to Lakeside 64miles.
Day 3 Kalispell to Happy's Inn, Back to Kalispell 82miles. Total Miles: 480
Winner: Mike Stormo

2021 Picture Gallery

Congrats Mike Stormo 2021 Montana 500 Winner!

Starting Day 1 Video,

Starting Day 1 Leg 2 Video

Starting Day 2

Starting Day 2 Leg 2