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2019 Information, Pictures & Videos

Held in Columbus, Montana June 16th – 19th 2019

Day 1: Columbus to Harlowton to Windsall to Columbus.
Day 2: Columbus to Bridger to Cody, WY to Bridger to Columbus.
Day 3: Columbus to Laurel and back to Columbus. Total Miles 495
Teardown Location: Doug's Model T Shop & Warehouse
Winner: Jillian Robison

Inspection Day Pictures

Starting Day 1 Pictures

Congratulations to Jillian Robison! 2019 Montana 500 Winner!

2019 Day 1 Video

by Mike Robison

2019 Day 2 Video

by Mike Robison

2019 Day 3 Video

by Mike Robison

2019 Teardown Video

by Mike Robison