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2018 Pictures & Videos

June 18th-21st 2018 held in Shelby, Montana

Day one: Shelby to Valier to Choteau to Vaughn to Great Falls to Shelby
Day 2: Shelby to Chester to Fort Benton to Havre to Chester to Shelby
Day 3: Shelby to Sweetwater to Shelby. Total 501 miles
Teardown Location: Van Motors Hi-Line Garage
Winner: Tom Carnegie

2018 Picture Gallery

2018 Inspection Video

by Mike Robison

Congratulations Tom Carnegie 2018 Montana 500 Winner!

2018 Day 1 Video

by Mike Robison

2018 Day 2 Video

by Mike Robison

2018 Day 3 Video

by Mike Robison

2018 Teardown Video

by Mike Robison

The Montana 500 is Sanctioned by The Montana Cross Country T Association.