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Held in Conrad, MT June 19th - 22nd 2011

Day 1: Conrad to Cutbank 68 miles to Browning 25 miles to St. Marys 28 miles to Browning 29 miles to Valier 41 miles to Conrad 22 miles

Day 2: Conrad to Chester 72 miles to Fort Benton 52 miles to Great Falls 36 miles to Conrad 56 miles

Day 3: Conrad to Dutton 52 miles to Conrad 25 miles
Total: 506 miles

Teardown Location: Courtesy Ford in Conrad
Winner: Mike Robison

2011 Inspection Day Pictures

Starting Day 1 Conrad to Cut Bank Pictures

Day1 Browning to St. Marys Pictures

Day 2 Conrad to Dutton Pictures

Day 3 Teardown & Picnic Pictures


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