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2010 retraced the route of the 1961 run.  1961 ran from Missoula to Fairview over four days.  This year we went from Fairview to Missoula over three days.  The first leg from Fairview to Richey was thrown out because several of the cars got lost trying to go on the truck route through Sidney to avoid the traffic lights.  Some cars just blazed down main street shaving a couple of miles off of the route.


Leg one: Richey to Circle - 25 miles
Leg two: Circle to Jordan - 62 miles
Leg three: Jordan to Winnett - 74 miles
Leg four: Winnett to Lewistown - 52 miles
End of day one.
Leg five: Lewistown to Stanford - 43 miles
Leg six: Stanford to Belt - 37 miles (construction at Belt)
we then drove to Vaughn
Leg seven: Vaughn to Lincoln - 74 miles
End of day two.
Leg eight: Lincoln to Bonner - 69 miles

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