The 2003 Montana 500 was headquartered out of Bozeman.
Day one June 23rd: Leg one of the run was 62 miles from Bozeman to Big Timber.
Leg two was 46 miles to Harlowton.
Leg three was 58 miles to White Sulphur Springs. Leg four was 76 miles back to Bozeman. 
Second Day June 24th: Leg five, 30 miles Bozeman to Three Forks. Leg six, 48 miles from Three Forks to Ennis. 
We then toured to Virginia City. 
Leg seven, from Nevada City to Whitehall, 53 miles. 
Leg eight was from Whitehall back to Bozeman, 56 miles. 
Day three: Leg nine, Bozeman to Three Forks, 30 miles.  Leg ten, back to Bozeman, 31miles. 
Total miles: 490

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Directors for 2003


Wheat Montana to Ennis

Virginia City to Whitehall

Tony's 2003 Montana500 Photos

Videos from Wheat to Ennis (No sound)