Below are a set of pictures copied from slides.  Unfortunately, many of the source images are blurry, but are included anyway as they may be of some interest. 

Rick Carnegie leaving Spokane, WA.  June 26th 1972

Registration - Big Sky Co-op Miles City Montana June 27th 1972

KOA Campgrounds Miles City Montana June 27th 1972

Red Rock parking lot - Day one.  Wednesday,  June 28th 1972

Red Rock Cafe parking lot pre-flag out.

Ed Roberts - first car out.

Day one flag out.

Coffee stop - Baker, MT.

Flag out - Baker, MT.


Flag out - Glendive, MT.


Camping out in a Sidney family's yard.  Rick Carnegie and Ray Benhke.


Flag out - Sidney, MT. Thursday, June 29th 1972.


Day two line up - Sidney.


Rick Carnegie flags out from Sidney.

Plentywood, MT.



Daniels County Museum, Scobey, MT.


Inside General Store - Pioneer Town, Scobey, MT.


Camping in City Park - Circle, MT.


Free breakfast at the fairgrounds - Circle, MT. 


Day three.


Line up - Circle, MT.


Rick Carnegie flags out from Circle.

Coffee Stop,  Terry, MT. Cokey Williams


Rick Carnegie at finish.


The Plaza, Miles City.


Red Rock Cafe - no host lunch. $2.25



Ray Behnke.


Some drivers.


Carl Bergman and Rick Carnegie.