2022 MCCTA

Official Montana 500 Website

Frequently asked questions and my interpretation of the rules.

*Disclaimer* this is only my interpretation, it does not in any way represent the views or opinions of the MCCTA
  1. Q. Can the directors suspend various rules at race time?  A. Yes they can and do.

  2. Q. Can fiberglass body parts be used?  A. No.

  3. Q. The rules state that the exhaust pipe must be properly attached, does that mean that I must use the stock brass nut?  A. No, that means securely attached in the proper location.

  4. Q. May I use reproduction parts?  A. In general, yes, as long as they match Ford dimensions and specs.

  5. Q. May I use an altimeter?   A. Yes, gauges are optional.

  6. Q. The rules say the bore can be .075" oversize yet the piston can only be .060: oversize. Why is this?  A. to allow for wear and clearance.

  1. Q. May I use a super-charger on my T?  A. No, T's never came with super-chargers on them.

  2. Q. How about one of those spiky things like Ben-Hur used to saw off the wheels of my opponents?  A. No

  3. Q. Must I use a starter or generator?  A. No.

  4. Q. May I use a distributor?  A. No

  5. Q. How about electronic coils?  A. No

  6. Q. Is the sky really that big in Montana?  A. Yes.

  7. Q. Isn't it awfully hard on a Model T to run it full throttle for hours on end?  A. Not really.

  8. Q. Why not?  A. Because a well assembled and well broken in T can handle the speed.

  9. Q. What are the major causes of breakdowns?   A. This is hard to say as I have not done a study on it. My guess would be rod bearing failure followed by head gasket failure.

  10. Q. This seems like a lot of fun. Surely it must be illegal.  A. No, it has the approbation of the State of Montana.

The Montana 500 is Sanctioned by The Montana Cross Country T Association.