General Rules and Regulations Adopted for 1965

  1. Not more than two people per car at any time as a driver or assistant. More than two people can be participants with any one car but no more than two working on it at any one time during the race, including coffee stops.
  2. Removal of head or pan will impose a time penalty of 2 hours unless you are under the time clock. Removal of head or pan should be reported to the Judges by anyone knowing of such being done.
  3. No replacement of complete engine allowed.
  4. Other repairs during timeout stops, no penalty.
  5. First three cars placing will be torn down for inspection by three or more appointed inspectors, with the fourth car being available for inspection.
  6. Any car disqualified at tear down inspection, the owner becomes responsible for reassembly and gaskets.
  7. No outside help while under time on the road.
  8. Citation by law will constitute time penalty of one hour.
  9. Route to posted and marked as deemed advisable.
  10. Sponsors and advertising optional.
  12. Trailered in cars will receive slow time plus ten minutes. Please report as soon as possible to the timers.
  13. Club will furnish braided seal wire, each driver will be expected to put the wire in place so it may be sealed.
  14. Drill left hand front head bolt, second or third large pan, bolt head, and first or second small pan bolt head.
  15. Last day's race scheduled to end by noon in order to have time for teardown inspection, meeting etc.


  1. Stock "T" Frame (FORD), body, running boards, sand shields and fenders.
  2. The name of the driver and his home town to be on both the right and left sides of the car, in block or script, at least three inches in height, any color, on the car itself or an attached sign.
  3. 4.40, 4.50/21, 30x3 or 30x3 1/2 tires.
  4. Model "T" type radiator, tanks and side brackets, all stock dimensions.
  5. Model "T" rear end, axles and standard 11 tooth pinion, and 40 tooth ring gear.
  6. Windshields, must be stock for year of car. No altering of posts. Must have safety sheet or safety plate glass, top and bottom windshields will be closed completely and sealed for race.
  7. Model "T" steering column and gears.
  8. No ball bearing on rear axle in place of stock roller.
  9. Some type of box or turtle deck on back of roadsters and pickups.
  10. Gas tank not more than ten gallon capacity.
  11. Complete set of floor boards required.
  12. One stop light in working order required.
  13. Model "T" type headlights in working order.
  14. Horn of any type in working order
  15. Rear view mirror of any type
  16. Shock absorbers are optional
  17. Zerk fittings instead of oil cups are O.K.
  18. Cars must be licensed, pioneer or regular plates.
  19. Wire spoke or wooden spoke O.K.
  20. Emergency brakes in working condition. THIS IS A MUST!
  21. Ruxtell rear ends must be locked out..
  22. Standard size exhaust pipe, at least three feet long
  23. Bolts on rear of wishbone at rear of pan must be safety wired.


  1. All magnets must be on flywheel.
  2. Model "T" stock camshaft, no modifications, can be ground to standard stock..
  3. Standard head size valve and 45 degrees valves and seats. Pin or two piece keepers O.K.
  4. Chroming of crankshaft optional.
  5. No boring of carburetors or of seats and needle valves. Carburetors must be stock, Kingston, Holley, or Ford, and complete including choke butterfly.
  6. No gas or fuel pumps.
  7. Gas strainers O.K.
  8. Fourth main bearing optional.
  9. Drilling of rod caps and use of dippers optional.
  10. No grinding of the intake or exhaust ports or of the manifolds.
  11. The use of aluminum manifold is O. K.
  12. No air holes in intake manifold, must be plugged if present.
  13. One outside oil line not more than half inch outside diameter, no modifications of inside oiling system.
  14. Heat or temperature guages O.K.
  15. No counter balanced crankshaft allowed.
  16. Milling of head and block O.K.
  17. Reboring of cylinders not to exceed sixty thousandths oversize.
  18. Full set of piston rings required.
  19. Cast iron or aluminum pistons of the Model "T" type required.
  20. 6 volt batteries for ignition system. No altering to system, transformers, transistors, etc.
  21. No air supercharger on carburetor.
  22. All transmission bands in working order, bonded type O.K.
  23. Four Model "T" type coils.
  24. Timers (1) Stock Ford Roller Type--no ball bearing roller (2) New Day (3) Anderson (flapper) type.

    (end of rules)

    This year carburetor is finally spelled correctly, although gauge still isn't. This year timers were limited. Also first year of two piece keepers on valves. Still no superchargers.