The following information is offered on the coming 590 mile Cross Country

Model T Ford Race from East Glacier to Circle, Montana, Aug. 28-30, 1962

Sponsored by the Montana Model T Ford Club of Circle, Montana

The race will commence at East Glacier, Montana at 9:00 A.M. on August 28, 1962, with participants starting at one minute intervals and following Hwy. #2 east to Browning, then south on Hwy. #89 & 287 to Choteau where there will be a one hour rest and coffee stop, after which the race will proceed to Helena where all cars will be timed in and checked out for the evening. The second days run will begin at the east edge of Helena the following morning at 9:00 A.M. and follow Hwy. #12 east to Roundup with a one hour rest and coffee stop at White Sulphur Springs and at Harlowton. The third days run will begin at Roundup at 8:00 A.M, and follow Hwy. #87 to the paved cut-off to Winnett and from there follow Hwy. #20 to Circle with planned rest and coffee stops at Winnett and Jordan. Refreshments and varied entertainment are planned for the drivers upon their arrival at Circle including the presentation of prizes and trophies.

The entrance fee will again be $25.00 and it will be greatly appreciated if those who plan to participate will send in their entry fee early so we can better prepare the plans and arrangements of the details of the race & prizes, trophies, plaques, etc. We hope to have prizes similar to last year which included a $500 first prize, $300 for second, $2O0 for third, etc. and we expect to continue to furnish each participant a nice personalized, engraved wall plaque showing their position and time in the race.

All participating cars must have an original model T Ford body (any age or type including sawed off tourings) with 4 fenders, running boards and complete windshield. Wheels and tires must be standard model T Ford passenger car sizes. Rear Axle ratio must be standard and auxillary transmissions or Ruxtell axles must be disconnected or locked in high gear. All transmissions bands and emergency brakes must be in good working order. Aluminum pistons permitted but they must be of model T Ford design and type and not more than .o6o oversize. The size of the valve ports is not to be altered to accomodate oversize valves. Crankshaft must be stock model T without counterweights. Cylinder heads must be genuine Ford and may be shaved or milled but not altered otherwise. Any type timer permitted but the Ford magneto-coils-timer ignition system must be in working order, no distributors permitted. 12 volt battery not permitted. Water pumps and auxillary oil lines permitted but not oil pumps. No unnecessary openings allowed in the intake manifold. Any other departure from a stock model T Ford which will give an unfair speed advantage will not be allowed. Participants will not be allowed to change engines on the trip, All engines will be sealed with a metal band around the engine at the beginning of the race so the head or pan may not be removed during the time out periods in the evenings. If the seal is broken and the head or pan must be removed a penalty will be charged against the participant, the amount of penalty will be decided by drivers at beginning of the race.

The sponsors or anyone helping in this race will in no way be responsible for any accidents or losses and all highway and traffic rules and regulations must be strictly observed, violation will be cause for disqualification.

Last years race from Missoula to the North Dakota State Line attracted 22 entries and we expect more this year. The number of entires will be limited to 50, as a greater number will be difficult to handle. For further information contact-

Edward Towe

Circle, Montana

(end of rules)

The chief difference between these rules and last year's rules is the sealing of the motors to prevent removal of the head or pan. Also the the challenge at the end of the race was eliminated.