Montana 500 Newsletter

Nov-Dec 2003

Volume 3 No. 6


2004 Officers and Directors:

President: Tom Carnegie
Vice President: Scott Stubbert
Sec.-Treasurer: Janet Cerovski
Tom Carnegie 2005
Janet Cerovski 2005
Tony Cerovski 2004
Gary Ebbert 2006
Rob Flesner 2004
Mark Hutchinson 2004
Doug Langel 2006
George Nickol 2006
Scott Stubbert 2005

Meeting Secretary: Marjean Stubbert
Correspondence and newsletter: Tom Carnegie

Membership dues $10.00
Touring class: $25.00
Endurance runner: $35.00

Cover photo:  Teardown 2003, Bozeman.

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General News, Editorial and Sermon.

We have had the fall meeting.  The upshot of this is that the 2004 Montana 500 will be based in Eureka, MT.  The people of Eureka are really gung-ho, and are out to top the Bozeman folk, who hosted us last year.  They have a tough act to follow, but if the meal that they put on for us at the general meeting is any indicator, I think they might be up to the task.  Thank-you people of Eureka.  There is more information about this in the minutes.  We approved a couple of rule changes this year, neither of which will have much effect on most of the cars or drivers.  They are sort of clarifying existing rules.  Reading over the minutes, I think I can summarize as follows:  No tailgating of non- participating vehicles and balancing of rotating parts is optional.  We initially passed a motion to get rid of the restrictor plates, but the issue was raised again and someone changed their mind, so we will run with restrictor plates at least one more year (in cars with aluminum pistons).  We want to emphasize that if a carburetor has passed inspection in the past, it not "grandfathered" in for time and eternity.  If the gauge didn't pass through last year, and one of the inspectors can get it to pass this year - the carburetor will be disallowed.  Any carburetor that the gauge will pass through will not be allowed on a car in the trophy class, regardless of use in the past.  Please bring an extra carb if you are not sure of yours.  You may also send your carb to me at 2225 N. Dollar Rd. Spokane Valley, WA 99212, and I will check your carb anytime before the run.  Even if I say it is OK before hand, it still may be declared illegal at the inspection if someone can pass a gauge through it.

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Hotels in Eureka: 

Ksanka (base hotel)  approx.  $44.00/night.

PO Box 959
Eureka 59917

Ksanka Inn has 30 comfortable, affordable rooms with 6 kitchenettes, phones and cable TV. There is also a 24 hour gas station, and mini mart with a bakery and deli. Free coffee and donuts are included with your stay. There is ample parking for RV's, boats and trucks. Ksanka Motor Inn is in the historic town of Eureka, on the corners of Highway 93 and Highway 37."

The Ksanka would like us to book our rooms at least a month before the run if possible.

Silverado approx.  $53.00/night.

Silverado Motel, US Highway 93 N # 100, Eureka, MT 59917, (406-297-7777)

The inspection day will be June, 20th the run will start on June 21st.  The route hasn't been set yet.  Mike Cuffe will be working on that.  We considered changing the run to a four day event, but after talking to Mike, it appears that we will go with the same three day run as in the pastThere will be an optional tour on the fourth day, as usual.

Dues are due.  I will check with Janet and try to post everyone's expiration date acurately on the next newsletter.  If you re-upped at the fall meeting your dues are due for 2004.  If you paid at the fall meeting and you were previously current, you are paid through 2004.  All directors are required to be both paid up members of this club and of the national (MTFCA) club.

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Ford Legends

As told by Gary Gordon

It was a spring day in 1959 in Wichita, Kansas when I spotted a white 1949 two-door Ford on Lynn Lowry's used car lot on south Broadway.  I stopped to look at it and fell in love with the little Ford.  Someone had kept good care of it and there were signs of customizing on the car.  The salesman fired it up and the dual exhaust manifolds and the dual pipes sounded like only Ford flatheads do.  I noted a hot ignition system and a clean, well-kept engine.  The salesman said the last owner said it has a race cam and other parts to make it go faster.  I soon paid the $200.00 asking price and was on my way.  The car ran good the next couple of days so I decided to take it on a trip I planned up the Kansas turnpike to Kansas City, Missouri, a little over 200 miles away. 

The Kansas Turnpike is a four-lane divided, modern highway.  I left Wichita about 9 a.m. on a weekday.  Since you pay to drive on this highway and since it was a weekday, there were very few cars coming or going.  This is hard to imagine in this day of crowded interstates! 

I had not gone very far when to my surprise a brand new Buick shot by with a brand new Chevy on its tail!  I was wondering how fast the old Ford would go anyway so I put it in overdrive and stepped on the gas.  I hoped to be able to see if the Buick or if the Chevy would win.  I knew these cars would do around 120 MPH as I had lucky friends who could afford them.  Well. The old Ford went up to 90 pretty easy, then slowly continued to accelerate to 92 - 93 - 94.  I fig

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ured she would do 100, maybe 105 if I was lucky.  The other two cars were a good ways away by now and fading.  Slowly the needle on the speedometer came to 100 MPH.  The speedometer was round shaped and it stopped at 100, but there was no peg there.  Zero was at about the 7 o'clock position and 100 at about the 4 o'clock position.  I was amazed when the needle went past what I guessed was 110 MPH, and was still moving.  Soon the needle was pointing straight down and the two cars were no longer pulling away.  I can tell you a lot was going on in that car, the least to say, my knuckles had turned white!  Both front windows were open, and being a single guy, I had a lot of junk and trash in the car.  The wind would pick up an empty beer can and slam it around the car almost breaking the windshield and then out the window like a cannon shell.  Trash would shoot around and do a crazy dance in the air.  The car was handling strangely.  I was trying to get into the fast lane very slowly.  I could tell that one quick move on the steering wheel and the car would roll across the prairie and destroy itself.  The speedometer was pointing straight down and slowly heading for zero.  The overpasses were a mile or more apart but they just kept popping up, they looked like giant cement fly swatters, and I had to aim for the small hole!  How fast were the telephone poles going by and did the white dash lines blend together?  I was going faster than that and I did not even dare to look.  It was getting to the point where I was scared to even look at the speedometer! I was coming up on the two cars - both in the slow lane and I was in the fast lane.  There were two people in the leading Buick and the passenger was looking back at the Chevy and me.  The Chevy driver was a young lady and a guy was on the passenger side.  I think he was letting his girl friend drive his new Chevy.  As I was getting ready to pass I took one last quick glance at the needle and it was still advancing, coming up on zero.  An old Ford was going to kick the you-know-what out of two new GMC products!  It turned out to not be that simple.  I was looking as far ahead as could, dreading to see a car or truck ahead of us.  To my surprise as I

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got close to the tail of the Chevy, it started to pull in front of me.  She did not look in the rear view mirror.  Why should she when they were doing 120 mph and had not passed anyone in the last thirty minutes or so?  I took my foot off of the gas pedal, but being in overdrive the Ford did not slow down.  I hit the brakes, and they were good brakes, but at that speed, the pedal faded away.  I hit the horn but the roar of the wind over-powered the sound.  The Ford now seemed to take over, continuing to pass!  That Ford was not going to give up an opportunity like this just because I'd turned chicken!  The two people in the Buick were desperately waving for the Chevy driver to look behind her.  The passenger in the Buick had gotten into the back seat and was motioning violently for the Chevy driver to look behind her.  I could tell the people in the Chevy thought the Buick people were waving because they were being passed by the Chevy.  As the Chevy pulled in front of me there was no stopping the old Ford, she had too much of a head of steam built up.  We were seconds away from a three-car ball of fire that would have had the Highway Patrol to this day speculating on what happened when the Chevy driver finally looked and saw me.  Thanks to their power steering I was able to slip by.  As I did I looked into the face of the woman driver.  I have never seen a face with such terror in it before or since.  I could see both cars pulling over to the side of the road.  I had to let the old Ford slow down on its own.  Finally the needle said 75 mph.  It seemed like 25 mph.  I sure was glad to see 75 mph again.  Just as my nerves came back I saw a red light flashing.  I pulled over - my mind racing as to how much a ticket for 140 mph or even 100 mph might be.  I would be doing time in Leavenworth for sure.  What a relief when the officer said that he had just stopped me to let me know that my tires were smoking!  I got out with shaky knees and sure enough, the tires were almost burning!  "I guess the tire pressure must be low." I lied. 

(end of story)

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Rick Carnegie Spokane WA Director
Rob Flesner Chewelah WA Director
Gary Stoddard Spokane WA Member
Chuck Nauditt Spokane WA    Member
Tony Cerovski Helena MT    Director
Russ Stroud Eureka MT      Guest
Gary Montgomery Eureka (Lost Trail Publishing)    Guest
Bob Stoekley Eureka MT  Guest
Marjean Stubbert Helena MT  Member Secretary
Josh Stubbert Helena MT  Member
James Stubbert Helena MT  Guest
Don Lundeen Eureka MT  Guest
Edna Gwynn Eureka MT  Guest
Bill Gwynn Eureka MT  Guest
Dick Whited Eureka MT  Guest
Kathy Whited Eureka MT  Guest
Mike Cuffe Eureka MT  Member
JoAn Cuffe Eureka MT  Guest
Tim Viano Kalispell MT  Guest

Director's present at beginning of meeting:  7
Members present including directors and officers:  18
Officers present:  3
Guests present:  11

Election of New Directors:

Outgoing Directors:  Sam Nickol, Doug Langel and Rick Carnegie
Nominations:  George Nickol, Chuck Nauditt, Doug Langel, and Gary Ebbert
Vote by written ballot: New directors are George Nickol, Doug Langel, and Gary Ebbert.

Route Proposals and Vote:

Mike Cuffe proposed Eureka, MT for the hub of the 2004 race.  He presented the following proposal package:

"Welcome to Eureka, Montana.

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We are small town friendly, but we like to do things big.

Let us welcome Craig Eaton, Mayor of Eureka, who has come to say hello.

Our lunch today was put together by JoAn Cuffe, President of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.  JoAn is one of my old girl friends, and we have been hanging out together almost as long as you have been running the Montana 500.  Thank her for lunch, and thank Bob Stoekley for the pie.

Now I would like to introduce a few other Model T Aficionados from Montana's northwest corner.
Richard Whited, Bob Stoekley, Gary Montgomery, Don Lundeen, Carl Lundeen, Russ Stroud, Scott Colgrove, and Bill Gwynn.


First, this room is available at no charge as much as we might want it.

Secondly, we have an eager group of good workers who would do things up right, from breakfasts to publicity to boat tours of Lake Koocanusa.  My biggest problem might be finding a way to let everybody be involved.


The Ksanka Inn has 30 rooms available at a rate of something less than $44.  Some of you have stayed there and say it is fine.  There is lots of parking, gas pumps, a convenience store and Subway sandwiches right there. 

The Silverado, just across the intersection of Highways 93 and 37 offers another 10 rooms at $53.00.  The Silverado has full service camping spots plus golf, a lounge and casino.

A few more moderately priced rooms are available at a third motel a half mile towards town.

Four Corners Casino and Restaurant is across the highway from the two bigger motels and another casino restaurant and bowling alley is next door.  Both could provide reasonable private meeting rooms each evening, should we want it.

We have people who would help as needed, whether it is as a timer, driving a trouble trailer, helping barbecue, calculating times or whatever.

Big Sky Exxon has offered use of its shop.  The Ranch Hand Conoco would like to be a part.  A couple other shops are being offered.  Yes, all have at least three bays available to us.  The Lundeen Brothers welcome us to tour their museum of vehicles, tractors and equipment.

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If you decide to base the run here, the Chamber will cook up some other things to make it fun.  We may have breakfasts at the Senior Citizens center, and old car show at Historical Village, crafts show, lunch in the park, music or whatever else somebody dreams up.  You may see more publicity than ever before.

We will finish with a barbecue and awards ceremony either downtown at the Riverside Park-Historical Village area, or we may go out to the Lundeen Brothers ranch.  That might be a good time to tour their museum.

The tour on Thursday will be based on the Libby Dam Project, which started in about 1965.  We will have presentations and tours of the seven-mile railroad tunnel and railroad relocation, Libby Dam, the fish hatchery and relocated town of Rexford.  We will finish the tour at Rexford Bench campground with boat tours on Lake Koocanusa.


Now for the Real Deal.  The routes for the run. 

The first day we will gather up at the Historical Village at the foot of Main Street so the locals can cheer although the timers will do the actual start north of town.  We turn southwest on Highway 37 for 10 miles, then cross Montana's highest, longest bridge to the Forestry Development Road on the west shore of Lake Koocanusa and run south to Libby, a total of about 70 miles of frequent curves and switchbacks.  It will test your driving skills.  Then turn west on the Pipe Creek Road, or Montana 68, and come out on the Yaak River Road, or Montana 508, run south to Highway 2 near the Idaho border, then east to Troy and Libby and north to Eureka on Highway 37.  Total distance is about 215 miles.  I have driven it and feel it is suitable, but I ask a second opinion of any of you who might drive that route on your way to Washington today.  Reasonable alternatives are available, if Pipe Creek-Yaak River is not to your liking.  They could include running Highway 2 to the Idaho boarder and back, or traveling down Bull River Road, Highway 56 and back.

The second day run will be south on Highway 93 to Whitefish, Kalispell, then west on Highway 2 to Libby and back up Highway 37.  It could be run the other direction, but I thought the Flathead traffic might be lighter in the morning.  It also is about 215 miles in distance.

The third day will be a run north of Eureka on Highway 93 to the Canadian border, a nearly straight shot of eight miles, then a wheelaround turn and back down 93 meeting the other Model Ts to Highway 37, another trip across the big bridge and a drive up the West Kootenai Road to the Amish settlement where we would have coffee and rolls before running the same rout back to Eureka.  That run is just under 100 miles.  Alternate routes of 100 miles could be a circle of Lake Koocanusa using the FDR Road and 37, or a trip to Whitefish and back.

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Thank you for holding this meeting in the heart of Tobacco Valley.  If you have questions at any time, contact me at (406)889-5777.  Or PO Box 1685, Eureka, Montana  59917.  Or at .

Summary discussion of Eureka is as follows:

Discussion occurred about racing in Canada, and people would need a passport, or birth certificates and two photo Ids to come back to the US.  Most individuals seemed to be against doing any race days at all in Canada.  There is a time consideration for getting back into the US, also inspection issues.  There was mention that the insurance may not allow it in Canada, but that might not be a problem.

Gary Stoddard moved and Gary Ebbert seconded to nominate Eureka for the race location.  The nominations were closed and it was unanimous to have the 2004 race in Eureka with the route to be confirmed by the directors.  Great sell Mike!!

Mark Hutchinson moved and Rob Flesner seconded to change the current 3-day race format to a 4-day race format.  Discussion followed, motion did not pass.

Tony Cerovski moved that the directors would work the route if at all possible to make it a 4-day event, but if it does not work out to keep the 3-day format for the 2004 race.  Motion was seconded by Gary Stoddard.  Discussion followed, and the motion passed.

Rules Modifications:

Tom Carnegie read a letter from Steve Coniff who wanted the club to use different gauges for the carburetors.  Tom asked for a motion.

George Nickol moved that we do not use Steve's gauges.  Rick Carnegie seconded that motion.  Motion was carried.

Mark Hutchinson moved that we consider proposed rule changes A through L as written in the mailed format.  A second was made. Motion carried.

Six written proxies were presented and included in the vote counts, and one verbal proxy was granted, 18 members were present, for a total of 25 possible votes if everyone voted.

A. Rule 25 as it exists: Only stock cast iron or aluminum intake manifolds with ports not to exceed 1 1/8" diameter are allowed.  New manufactured with ports not to exceed 1 1/8" are allowed.

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Motion to strike "or aluminum" and "New manufactured with ports not to exceed 1 1/8" are allowed."

New rule would read: Only stock cast iron intake manifolds with ports not to exceed 1 1/8" diameter are allowed.

Motion Failed  22-no; 3-yes

B. Rule 33 as it exists: A restrictor plate with two gaskets provided by the Association, will be placed between the intake manifold and carburetor, supervised by
the inspectors on the day of the inspection. Plate will be a thickness of 1/8 inch metal with an 11/16 inch diameter hole. Restrictor plates will not be used on engines with cast iron pistons.

Motion to strike rule 33 in its entirety.

Motion Carried 13-yes; 12-no

C. Rule 7 as it exists: No tailgating of support or tour vehicles.

Motion to add "or any non-participating vehicles"

Rule 7 would then read: No tailgating of support or tour vehicles or any non- participating vehicles. 

Motion carried 15-yes; 8-no

D.  Rule 32 as it exists: Only NH swayback and/or Ford "F" swayback carburetors allowed. Must be complete including choke butterfly. The Association's 0.710 inch gauge MUST NOT go through the carburetor.

Motion to add "no altering" after word "allowed".

Rule 32 would then read: Only NH swayback and/or Ford "F" swayback carburetors allowed, no altering. Must be complete including choke butterfly. The Association's 0.710 inch gauge MUST NOT go through the carburetor.

Motion failed 15-no; 7-yes

E. Motion to add new rule: The use of performance enhancing fuels or additives is not allowed.  All cars must use straight pump gas as fuel.

Motion failed 14-no; 8-yes

F. Rule 52 as it exists: Any cam that doesn't require modification of the block may be used. Bearing bores must be standard size, no relieving of the bearing bores.

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Camshaft bearings and seal optional.

Add "provided gross lift does not exceed .250" " after word used.

Rule 52 would then read: Any cam that doesn't require modification of the block may be used, provided gross lift does not exceed .250". Bearing bores must be standard size, no relieving of the bearing bores. Camshaft bearings and seal optional.

Motion failed 22-no

G. Motion to add new rule: Auxiliary rear pan supports are allowed.

Motion failed 17-no; 7-yes

H. Motion to add new rule: All drivers are required to adhere to posted speed limits.

Motion failed 14-no; 7-yes

I. Motion to add new rule: Are cars are required to have a working speed indicator.

Motion failed 14-no; 7-yes

J. Motion to add new rule: Balancing of rotating parts optional.

Motion carried 17-yes; 5-no

K. Motion to add new rule: Type of high-speed clutch optional.

Motion failed 13-no; 7-yes

L. Rule 27 as it exists: Only stock Ford roller type, New Day, Anderson flapper type timers or Crystal timers allowed.  Ball or needle bearing rollers optional.  Quick couplers NOT ALLOWED in timer wires.

Motion to add: "brush design optional" after words "Crystal timers allowed".

New rule would read: Only stock Ford roller type, New Day, Anderson flapper type timers or Crystal timers allowed, brush design optional.  Ball or needle bearing rollers optional.  Quick couplers NOT ALLOWED in timer wires.

Motion failed 13-no; 7-yes

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Scott Stubbert moved for no more rule changes.  It was seconded, and carried.

Other new business:

Tony Cerovski moved that we note on the newsletter that all parties that were allowed to run last year with illegal carburetors will not be allowed or grandfathered to run with those same illegal carburetors.  Gary Ebbert seconded, and motion carried.

Tom Carnegie will form a committee to look into tour car scheduling before the race starts.

Kathleen Ebbert proposed the week of June 20, 2004, for the 2004 race, with the 20th (Sunday) as the inspection day, and the 21st as the start of the race. 

Scott Stubbert proposed the week of July 14, 2004, for the 2004 race, with the 14th as the inspection day and the 15th as the start of the race. 

The week of June 20, 2004,for the race, with the 20th as the inspection day and the 21st as the start of the race was carried by majority vote.

Tony Cerovski moved to revote the restrictor plate issue as proposed in Motion B above.  Motion was seconded.  New votes for eliminating the restrictor plates = 12; votes against eliminating the restrictor plates = 13.  This reversed the original vote, so proposed Motion B Failed.

A trophy of appreciation is going to be presented to Bozeman Ford for their help last year.

Mike Robison motioned to Adjourn.  Second was made and the motion carried.  Adjourned at 4:00 PM.

Disclaimer: These minutes represent the main portions of the meeting and do not include every word of discussion that was brought forward at this meeting.  Most discussion was not recorded because it was not possible to keep up with the meeting and record every point of discussion accurately.
Secretary:  Marjean Stubbert, Helena, MT 

(end of minutes)

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