2003 Officers and Directors:
President: Tom Carnegie
Vice President: Scott Stubbert
Sec.-Treasurer: Janet Cerovski
Rick Carnegie 2003
Tom Carnegie 2005
Janet Cerovski 2005
Tony Cerovski 2004
Rob Flesner 2004
Mark Hutchinson 2004
Doug Langel 2003
Sam Nickol 2003
Scott Stubbert 2005
Meeting Secretary: Marjean Stubbert
Correspondence and newsletter: Tom Carnegie
Membership dues $10.00
Touring class: $25.00
Endurance runner: $35.00
Front cover: Drawing by Fred Wattenburger
General News

The fall meeting is history.  Thank-you to those who attended.  Thank-you to Sam our outgoing (in more ways than one) president.  In my humble opinion I think that Sam did a great job.  He is easy to work with, always fair, and a great asset to this club.

The expiration date of your dues is noted after your name on the back cover.  Please check to make sure that this corresponds to reality and if you are due, please send in your $10.00.

Speaking of covers, my apologies for printing last month's cover backwards.  That sort of thing sometimes happens when you work on the newsletter until the wee hours of the morning.

The rule change proposals are spelled out in the minutes later in this newsletter.  Normally we would have a ballot to vote on the changes in this newsletter, but I haven't heard from the cylinder-head committee yet.  As soon as they report I will hurry to send out the next newsletter with the ballot.

I think that there is a problem with the way we make rule changes in this club.  The problem is the large lag time between when we propose the rules at the fall meeting and when they are actually approved by the members.  This year we will be set back a little further by the delay of the cylinder-head committee.  This cramps some people for time once they finally know what the rules are going to be for sure.  Case in point - I know at least two people were working on cast-iron cars for next year.  They don't know now whether to continue or not until the rules are finalized.  I think we should have a system where the rules are decided at the fall meeting.  What I would propose is a rules committee to gather ideas from the drivers and directors, then put these ideas into motion form to be presented at the fall meeting.  A list of the rule changes could then be sent out to everyone before the meeting so that they can look at the proposed changes and decide how they would like to vote at the fall meeting.  Those who couldn't attend could have their vote proxied.  The by-laws say that the members are allowed to approve the rules, but I'm not sure that means by ballot.  I think it rather means that rules proposed by the directors at the fall meeting are to be voted on by the members present at that meeting.  Voting by ballot conflicts with the notion that all club business be conducted at meetings.  So, in view of this, my proposal may or may not require a by-law change.  Please give this some thought and let me know why you think this is or isn't a good idea. 

The front cover is a drawing by the talented Fred Wattenburger.  Mr. Wattenburger was kind enough to draw this cover for us at no charge to the club.  I was so tickled with it that with a small bribe of a GMC pick-up hood, I talked him into doing some illustrations for my short stories, one of which appears in this newsletter.  Thank-you Fred.


Fiction: The New Star

2002 Fall meeting minutes