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1004 Sioux Road Helena, MT 59602
Tony Cerovski, President  406-458-9450
                                                            May 20, 1998

Dear Model T Pals,

The Endurance Run is less than one month away and the Association is in fairly good shape.  It’s time to clean off the bird doo-doo George!  Stan, Dave, Steve, Rick and Max, get your T’s put back together!  Scott, get to buffin’. Nick, you better check the oil!

This year we expect entrants Oregon, namely Bob Paquin, Ken & Teri Burley and Roger Kistner.  Also Max Danskin, of California, will be here with the fastest thing since Micky Thompson’s Chalanger II.  We would also like to see Ed and Lois Ulrey again and again.

From Washington we will have Rick Carnegie and hopefully his brother Tom, if Tom (or Rick) can get his car ready in time.

Those coming from Colorado are; returning champion Nick and Connie Nicholas, hard luck man Steve Coniff and smilin’ Dave & Marylyn Huson.  I think that Tom and Shirley Bass will join the Nicholas’ this year too.

From the driest part of Montana we will have; Bud and Viv Peters, George and Bonnie Nickol, Simon Nickol, Sam Nickol and if we can lock the doors on a tractor or two....maybe Terry and Julene Peters!!

From the second most dry area of Montana we have Dale and Marge Schuler.  Maybe their kid’s will be driving a T this year.

And from Helena, the home of the weirdest east wind and dry spring on record, we have; Scott and Marjean Stubbert, Stan Howe and Tony & Janet Cerovski.

So, in total (thus far) we are expecting 15 Model T’ers and 16 families.  That’s great.  Thank you very much.

I will be making up a few video tapes of the 1960’s film that Glen Embree gave to the club.  The film was produced for a television broadcast, but it is unknown if it ever made it to the airways.

For those of you who haven’t seen the tape, it professionally details an early Montana Cross Country Endurance Run rather well. It is a very enjoyable 27 minutes.  We will sell them at Lewistown for $10.00 and all proceeds go to the Association.  Please buy directly from the Association and try to resist the temptation to get a free-bee from your friends.  Thanks.


June 15,16,17&18

Yogo Inn  1-800-860-9646   $59.00/2

Sunset Motel 1-406-538-8741  $37.44/2

Mountain View RV Park  1-406-538-7591

Monday’s Inspection should start at 1:00 p.m. and hopefully finish up by 4:00 p.m..  Registration should be in the lobby area of the Yogo Inn and Inspection in the North parking lot, like last year. 

Hats! We will be selling Association hats for $10.00!

Video Tapes!  Old Endurance Run Documentary for $10.00!

Bring lots of $10.00 bills!!(please and thank you)

We’ll be looking for you in Lewistown, drive your T around some, so that you will be easy to spot!

ER fee: $35.00,     Tour fee: $25.00,      Annual Dues: $10.00

Happy trails to you, Tony Cerovski, Pres.

The Montana 500 is Sanctioned by The Montana Cross Country T Association.