Montana 500 Newsletter

July-August 2002

Volume 2 Number 4

2002 Officers and Directors:

President: Sam Nickol
Vice President: Rick Carnegie
Sec.-Treasurer: Janet Cerovski
Rick Carnegie 2003
Tom Carnegie 2002
Janet Cerovski 2003
Tony Cerovski 2004
Rob Flesner 2004
Mark Hutchinson 2004
Doug Langel 2002
Sam Nickol 2003

Meeting Secretary: Carla Carnegie
Correspondence and newsletter: Tom Carnegie

Membership dues $10.00
Touring class: $25.00
Endurance runner: $35.00

Front cover: All the cars from 2002

Top to bottom, left to right:
1. Mike Robison 2. Rick Carnegie 3. Gary Ebbert 4. Sam Nickol  5. Mark Hutchinson 6. Art Hedman 7. Doug Langel 8. Gary Gordon 9. Tom Carnegie 10. Dave Huson 11. Ted Ballard 12. Ron Miller 13. Scott Stubbert 14. Tony Cerovski 15. Nan Robison 16. Rob Flesner 17. Anna Marx 18. B.J. Miller

General News


The 42nd Montana 500 is now history.  There is a separate write-up on it later in this newsletter.  We had eighteen cars this year and one tour car.  I saw the tour car on inspection day but never again after that.  No one I talked to had any idea where he had gone.  From my perspective, things went pretty well.  The major complaint I have can be summed up with two words "affordable mediocrity".  The hotel accommodations were not adequate and were misrepresented to our agent.  We were also unable to get a good warning from the locals about the situation.  Luckily the Holiday Inn Express more than picked up the slack, and made a bad situation good. 

The next order of business is the fall meeting.  I will let you know as soon as Sam picks a venue. 

As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, I had written a six-part serial or rather, six short stories that I will be publishing in this newsletter over the course of the next year. 

I have a lot of pictures of the 2002 run that I will be posting on the web page.  If you have any good pictures of this or any other race that you would like me to post, please send the pictures or e-mail me scans of them.  I am positive that there are many pictures of past races that are lurking in people's closets.  I would dearly love to present these for all to enjoy.

Thanks to Tony and Janet for letting us use their shop and house for the teardown and picnic respectively.

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