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Driver Profiles: Ken Cook

By Rich Armstrong

Ken Cook, born and reared in Laurel, Montana moved to Bozeman in the late 1940's after serving in the Navy. He was a salesman for Montana Motors and later sold insurance for New York Life.

Ken's involvement in racing began in 1961 when he and John Foos entered the race at Lewistown and completed the run to Circle.

Ken Cook

Ken and Marian Cook in his 1915 Vegetable Wagon. Note the later model fenders. This picture was taken during the 1965 run.

Ken was instrumental in the formation of the organization we now know as The Montana Cross-Country "T" Association. He was a charter member as well as the first President.

Ken was proud to be President and he served the office well. Marian, his wife, was elected Sec.-Treasurer and many years later, she would also serve as President.

Ken entered his 1915 Vegetable Wagon in many of the early races. To my knowledge, he never won a race, but he always finished.

Ken's appearance at each race was quite evident! He was a tall, thin man dressed in "T" attire-straw hat, vest and bow tie- sitting in the high profile "T" with a big wide grin. The "T" sported a shiny brass radiator, open wooden pickup box and bright yellow spoked wheels.

Ken passed away in December of 1974.

The Montana 500 is Sanctioned by The Montana Cross Country T Association.