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Driver Profile: John Foos

by Rich Armstrong

John Foos was reared in Laurel, Montana, but now resides in Helena. John entered his first race in 1961. He competed in the last two days of the Missoula to Circle race promoting Highway 200 through Montana. After the Montana Cross-Country "T" Assoc. was organized, John joined and participated in thirteen races through the 1980's.

John was a fierce competitor! His motto- "I CHEAT". This was more bluff than anything, as his generosity was very evident in that he never refused to assist anyone-whether it is the need for a coil or EVEN the loan of a complete engine!

John served as President in 1966 and 1967. His wife, Donna, was Sec.-Treasurer.

Spontaneous response was one of John's characteristics. During a race in the Flathead country, the weather was cold and very rainy. After two days of driving with no top on his roadster, and while stopped for coffee and trying to find shelter from the elements, a young man driving a Model A Sedan stopped.

He leaned out the window and asked John if he would trade. John jumped up and said, "Get your junk out and you have a trade". Five minutes later, John was a proud owner of the A. John's comment when asked why he did it; "At least I'll be dry"!

The Montana 500 is Sanctioned by The Montana Cross Country T Association.