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Driver Profile: Frank Iverson

by Tom Carnegie

Frank Iverson came from Ledger, Montana - or was it Conrad? In the past, drivers had signs on their cars to tell their hometown. Sometimes Frank was from Conrad and sometimes he was from Ledger.

Frank first entered the Montana 500 in 1965. That year he drove a black 23-5 roadster. He finished 18th that year. The last year he ran was in 1981. He came in 19th that year. The rest of the time his finishes were always in the top ten, and usually in the top five. In 1970 he won and was written up in both Road and Track and Rod and Custom magazines. I once heard a lady say that Frank had "movie star" good looks. That might be the case, but the real looker was his car. The "Roadrunner" was a beautiful 26-7 blue roadster. In 1975 my windshield stanchion broke and Frank offered to let me use his welder to fix it.

There in his shop was a one of his secrets to success. He had a Model A motor hooked to a stand that he would use to "run-in" his T motors. He called it "burnishing" the bearings.

The "Roadrunner" car now lives in Portland, Oregon. Frank still lives in Ledger - or is it Conrad?

Frank Iverson

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