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Driver Profile: Don Mc Carl

By Tom Carnegie with help from Bob Braun

Don McCarl

Don Mc Carl was part of the group that came from Bozeman. He ran in 1965 and 1966, which were the largest races based on the number of drivers that entered. In 1965 there were 35 drivers and in 1966 there were 36. 1965 was the year that the route took the drivers up into Canada. It was also during this run

that Glenn Embree filmed most of the footage for his motion picture called Flying Flivvers. Apparently this excursion into Canada caused some interesting episodes with washed out roads and such like that.

Bob Braun, who was also from Bozeman, recently told me a little story about this situation. Because the roads had some problems, the drivers had adopted a signal (raising their hand above their head) to show when they were going to slow down for a bad spot. Don and Bob had a friendly rivalry going. Bob's car was generally faster than Don's but Don was always telling Bob, "I'm going to catch you on this leg".

On one particular leg Don's T was running well and it looked like he was going to catch Bob. Just as he was about to make his move, Bob raised his hand. Don apparently thought this a trick so he continued at speed. It wasn't, as indeed there was a big bump in the road. As Don hit the bump he was thrown out of control and went off the road. Bob stopped to help him and both drivers were shaken but not hurt and continued on. Don was one of the few people that has run a touring car. Today this exact car can be found at the home of Mark Hutchinson. It still has the signs on the door!

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