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Driver Profile: Bob Braun

by Tom Carnegie

Although I did not personally know Bob Braun, I chose to do a profile on him because of his interesting car. Bob Braun of Bozeman, MT was one the first proponents of the "Super T" concept. (see sidebar) He drove a brass T with later model (17-25) curved fenders. It also had 26-7 wire wheels and a homemade turtle deck.

Bob's first time was in 1963. He did not finish that year. He ran in 1964, 65 and 66 which was his last year, and also his best finish, 7th place. Bob's car figures prominently in the Glenn Embree film Flying Flivers where he is purportedly shown fixing his fan belt along side the road.

Bob Braun

"Super T" people think you should be able to use or even modify any stock T part to assemble the fastest and best T possible. The "bone stock" people think you should have a T exactly as it came off the assembly line.

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