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December 2009

By Mike Stormo

At the fall meeting while the cold winds were starting to blow, visions of a warm shop with a big fire in the stove were starting to creep into the minds of many of the race drivers.

Doug Langel says that although he is currently busy working on his house, thoughts of his race engine that he described as "laying all over his shop" go towards reassembly with an even faster car in mind. He also says that although he hadn't planned to work on his differential due to the new rule changes he now has a pinion bearing issue, but as always with a grin on his face Doug says he'll be ready for next years race.

While talking to Tony Cerovski, he plans for engine work on his green car to top his list. Tony figures that everything else being time tested and proven in top shape, is ready for next years race. He says that Janet's purple car has no major issues and ran so good in last year's race that only minor adjustments will be necessary. But this reporter after talking to Janet has discovered that she has a lot longer list, so Tony take notice - a new head gasket and a carburetor rebuild are at the top of it.

Bill Mullins after retiring has taken up a full time job rebuilding the 26 roadster that he bought to become his new racer. Bill has disassembled his car for a ground up transformation into the perfect 500 car. He keeps busy powder coating, plating, filing, fitting and rebuilding even the smallest parts to perfection.

Tom C. without revealing any of his race secrets (ha-ha) is busy working on his dedicated 500 racer. At last check Tom's frame was straightened, riveted and polished to near excellence. With several sub assemblies already rebuilt, it should start going together soon.

After buying a 26 pick-up, Hutch is maybe the busiest one of all. He has logged many, many miles going back and forth trying to decide which car to race. But be assured, after the decision is made, the nuts and bolts will be flying as he has many great ideas on how he will be next year's winner.

As for this reporter and racer ,I'm trying to assemble a large pile of parts to go to the powder coater. This is becoming increasingly difficult as I cannot keep Jackie out of the car long enough to get the parts off. I'm hoping that maybe one more tour and cold weather will be enough to keep her out of it until spring. This leaves me with two deadline options-- #1 have it ready for Jackie in the spring or #2 have it ready for me in June. So, anyone want to race in the spring?

It is my hope to write an ongoing column with updates on all the race cars, so be sure to answer your phones when I call for your progress.

The Montana 500 is Sanctioned by The Montana Cross Country T Association.