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2003 Notes on tour class

The following was contributed by Gene Kicha

Greetings to all Montana 500 Friends,

I must say that all the Montana 500 preparation activity in Spokane ignited my curiosity so a friend and I joined the organization and came to the Bozeman run to see what it is all about. We had a ball doing the Lowland tour and meeting new friends.

Of special note concerning the run was the wonderful support and participation that Bozeman Ford Owner Dave Wallin gave the Montana 500. Thank you Dave for generously providing the use of the Ford agency for meetings, breakfasts for the entire group, use of the agency for safety inspections and after-run tear-downs, and the Barbeque Picnic. Thank you, also, Mrs. Wallin and the employees who did so much work. It was wonderful to have so much TV coverage of the event. Thank you for the support of Bozeman Ford employee Roger Beverage. Often-times, Roger was driving his own 1914 T-touring car pointing the way and being helpful in a hundred ways. Thank you Lynn Rogers for your expert help with in-house details. It was, also, special to have Dave and his wife drive the 1914 T-Touring car on the last leg of the 500.

Touring Class

Name Car No. Time Avg. Speed
Gene Kicha 1 9:14:19 53.04
Dennis Dakan 29 10:29:52 46.68
William Brandon 24 11:28:24 42.71
Daniel Logan 30 11:41:44 41.90
Jim Ianson 27 DNF*
Jerri & Ed Holz 23 DNF*
Dave Robison 26 DNF*
Mike Cuffe 25 DNF*
David Wallin 9 DNF*
Roger Beverage 28 DNF*

*DNF = did not finish all legs.

The Montana 500 is Sanctioned by The Montana Cross Country T Association.