General News

The fall meeting will be held in Missoula this year at The Joker’s Wild 4829 N. Reserve. The date is Sunday, October 28th, 11:00 AM. We have the “room upstairs” reserved for us. We can order lunch at 11:00, and start the meeting as soon after that as we can. All members are urged to attend. Any rule changes and routes are proposed at this time. The Speedvision program was aired, and was enjoyed by many. I invited them to come back next year with more cameras crew and film. The printer cut off a paragraph on my summary in the last news letter. The full text appears on the web page. I was upset that I didn’t catch the mistake earlier because it was the part where I thanked the flaggers and timers for this year’s event. Thank-you again timers and flaggers. You did an excellent job. There are no drivers profiles this month, due to the length of the technical article. I will have more next time I believe. Some of you members have excellent writing skills. Please pick up a pen, and write a profile on a driver that you know. I and the other members would very much appreciate it. I’m not going to mention that I still haven’t found the results for 1963 & 1971, as it would just depress me.

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