Fall 2002 Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2002
Lincoln, Montana

The meeting was called to order by Rick Carnegie, Vice President at 1:40 PM.

Members Present: Tom Carnegie, Mike & Nan Robison, Carla & Rick Carnegie, Mark Hutchinson, Chuck Nauditt, Rob Flesner, Doug Langel, Tony & Janet Cerovski, Scott & Josh Stubbert.  Sam Nickol arrived late.

Non members present: Marjean & James Stubbert

No minutes from the previous meeting were read, because no one present had a copy.

Treasurers report - $1788.68 in checking.  50 members paid dues in June 2002.  18 lifetime members.  Club owes Tom Carnegie for club insurance payment, amount to be determined.  Janet is collecting 2003 dues.

INSURANCE: Rick reported that we are covered with JC Taylor through the Model T Ford Club of America.


President: Tom Carnegie
Vice President: Scott Stubbert
Meeting Secretary: Marjean Stubbert
Treasurer: Janet Cerovski

Directors are as follows:
Thru 2005: Tom Carnegie, Scott Stubbert & Janet Cerovski

Thru 2004: Rob Flesner, Tony Cerovski, & Mark Hutchinson

Thru 2003: Sam Nickol & Rick Carnegie

Outgoing 2002: Doug Langel

Nominations to fill Director position were Chuck Nauditt and Doug Langel.  Doug Langel was re-elected for 2003.

Tom took the podium.  Marjean took over the minutes.

There was a reminder that all officers and directors have to belong to the Model T Ford Club of America, along with 50% of the membership.

FORD's 100th Anniversary is scheduled for June 12th - 16th, in Detroit Michigan.  Rick Carnegie is going.

The 2003 Race date was selected to avoid conflict with Ford's 100th Anniversary: June 22-28, 2003.  Inspections must be completed on the 22nd of June.  Race starts 23rd.

Fairview to Missoula with a different stop each day.
Bozeman area.
Havre area.
Miles City area.
Shelby area.

Through majority vote, Bozeman is selected as the 2003 race location.

RACE ROUTE: Follows is a tentative route to be finalized by Sam and a route committee (Tony volunteered to help).

One day (not necessarily the first one): Bozeman Interstate 90 to Three Forks (Gas stop 1 hour) to Virginia City (Lunch stop 2 hours) about 70 miles. Virginia City to Whitehall on Highway 287 (gas stop 1 hour) about 60 miles. Whitehall I-90 to Bozeman about 70 miles. About 200 miles total for the day.

One day: Bozeman I-90 to Big Timber (Gas stop 1 hour) about 70 miles. Big Timber Highway 191 to Harlowton (Gas stop 1 hour) about 45 miles. Harlowton Highway 12 White Sulphur (Lunch 2 hr) about 51 miles. White Sulphur Highway 12, H89. and H86 through Wilsall to Bozeman about 72 miles. About 238 miles total for the day.

Last day: Four Corners to Big Sky (Gas stop 1 hour). Big Sky back to Four Corners. About 80 miles total for the day.
Tear down and picnic location to be determined:

TOUR DAY: Trailer to West Yellowstone (either Wednesday evening or Thursday morning). Tour to start in West Yellowstone at 9:30 A.M. Thursday and proceed through Yellowstone Park, then return to West Yellowstone at the end of the day.
Note: Rooms are very expensive in West Yellowstone and early reservations would be advised. Someone suggested camping as a possibility.
Letter from Steve Coniff read at meeting. He had four issues as follows:
1. Optima 6V Battery.
2. Front Wishbone modification for safety.
3. Belly Band for safety.
4. Getting Lost. Put out signs?

Discussion first took place on Item 4: Getting Lost.
Suggestion to use extra people (implying kids) at turns as guides. (One mother not in favor of leaving kids out on the road unsupervised by at least one adult). If drivers want all of this support, they should all bring more family members. Many drivers don't bring anyone else to the race to help with logistical support.
Suggestion to put sign out. (Signs could be moved)
Make strip maps; give exit #s on map.
Provide Montana maps.
Tony to provide black and white digital photos of critical parts of the route. Tom to put them on the internet.
It was suggested to go over the route in the meeting the night before, which follows the practice of previous races.

Bottom line: It is the driver's responsibility to know the route. Some drivers should use a navigator, because they couldn't find their way in the past even with a strip-map.
Motion was made that front wishbone accessory braces on pre-1920 cars will be allowed. Use standard wishbone sizes. Second was made. Motion was carried.
Motion was made that all participating cars have attached or placed directly on both sides a sign with the name of sponsor or owner and home town. Use 3 inch letters preferred. Second was made. Motion was carried.

Motion was made that we allow the Optima 6-volt battery. Motion dies without second.

Comment made by Sam that it is very unlikely that the directors will disqualify Steve's Optima 6-volt battery.
Motion given that belly bands are allowed. Second given. Motion failed.
Motion given that all endurance racers who participated will receive a time retroactive to the first race unless disqualified. Second was made. Motion was carried.
Motion given that endurance car only be torn down until a legal 1st place car is found. This would change the rule that cars are torn down until the top three legal cars are identified. Second was made. Motion failed.
Motion given that the existing tear down rule is interpreted that the driver can participate in the tear down process on his own car. Second was made. Motion carried.
Motion given that there is no outside help or parts allowed while under
time where outside help or parts means from anyone other than endurance drivers. This would clarify that any outside help from the trouble trailer would cause a penalty. Second was made. Motion carried.

Motion given that starting times can be adjusted at the timer's discretion. Second was made. Motion carried.

Motion given that shocks not be allowed on endurance cars because of the performance advantages. Motion dies for lack of second.

Motion given that we allow Billet Crank shafts. Second was given. Motion failed.

It was suggested by Tom that we put a committee together to make a cylinder head rule for the 2004 race. That we let everyone know it is coming, but not implement it until 2004.

Motion given that a rule change effective the 2003 race on a minimum set limit of the combustion chamber size, such that the stock combustion chamber profile shall be maintained. Second was given. Motion Carried. Sam, Tony and Rick to determine a reasonable stock limit to be published as soon as possible.

Motion given that all Endurance cars will run with an 1l/16th inch restrictor plate. This will strike rule 32. Second was given. Motion carried.
Motion given that crystal timers will be allowed. This will change rule #26 to add crystal timers. Second was given. Motion carried.

Motion given and seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.