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Driver Profile: Tillman Oblander

Tillman Oblander grew up in Oklahoma. Later, he left home and moved to La Grange Park, Illinois, where he met Don and Clem Englmann. The Englmanns got Tillman interested in joining the Montana Cross Country T Association. Tillman Oblander first entered the Montana 500 in 1974. That year he placed fourth in the cast-iron division. In 1975 he returned, came in second in the cast-iron division, but was disqualified.

I talked to Tillman recently and asked him about his disqualification. He was a bit cagey, but did mumble something about their being "something wrong" with the carburetor. He was a little bit put out about coming all the way from LaGrange Park Illinois, only to be disqualified, and wondered if it was worth all the trouble to even come next year. Some of his friends from Montana talked to him and convinced him it was indeed worth the effort.

He came back in 1976 and finished 2nd in the cast iron division. In 1977 the cast iron class was eliminated. Tillman finished 27th out of 27 finishers that year. In 78 he was up to 5th out of 14. In 79, 80 and 81 he entered but did not finish. 1982 brought 2nd place, his best finish. He entered from 1983-85. He took off 86 and 87 but came back in 1988, 1992 and 1993 which was his last year. Tillman now lives in Ozark, Missouri


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